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Utah Insulation Rebates

Energy conservation has never been more important than it is today, and Utah gas and power companies want to reward those who make an extra effort to save energy in their homes. Additionally, they have issued rebates for attic insulation to incentivize customers to conserve energy. By improving your home’s insulation, you could not only get money back through rebates and tax credits, but you can also save a lot on your overall energy costs.

At Best Property Improvements, we specialize in Utah insulation rebates. We are an authorized contractor for the Rocky Mountain Power and Utah ThermWise rebate programs, and are registered to do the work that qualifies for rebates. As insulation specialists, we’re so confident in our calculations for your rebate checks that we guarantee them! If your rebate is any less than we quoted, or if you don’t qualify, we’ll refund the difference to you.

How to Get Your Utah Insulation Rebate
As authorized rebate specialists and a Utah insulation contractor, we want to make the process as simple as possible for you as the homeowner. Here’s how it works:

  • First, schedule a free home inspection so our authorized specialists can calculate your Utah insulation rebates
  • Get new insulation in your home and start saving on your energy bills
  • Mail in the forms that we fill out for you at your free home inspection, showing that an authorized contractor did the inspection
  • Wait 6-8 weeks to receive your Utah insulation rebates

Because new insulation qualifies as an energy efficient upgrade to your home, you will also receive a 10% tax credit from the government in addition to your rebate checks.

Although there may still be some out-of-pocket expense for the homeowner after the rebates and tax credits for new insulation, the cost will be recouped within the following 2-3 years because of lower energy bills. Many customers save between 15%-30% on their energy bills after installing their new Utah attic insulation.

Ready to get your Utah insulation rebate? Contact us today to schedule your free home inspection!